Les nostres col·leccions | BAGUÉS Joieria Barcelona
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A story of falling in love with the city that saw us born and inspired Bagués creative personality. A dynamic, cheerful, Mediterranean city, artistically alive and culturally unique.


The collection arises from inspiration in the world of painting and, especially, in one of the most surprising technical innovations of the early twentieth century, the "Collage". 


Pictorial chromatism and dance kinetics are the central elements that inspire this collection. On the one hand, the magic of movement, under the harmonic spell, now syncopated, now delicate, now dominant but always full of passion maintains a cultured and technical dialogue with the body and expands in this limitless art that gives meaning to the world of dance.


Ebony is the color of a continent. A black, deep and mysterious land. A mosaic of infinite puzzles impossible to solve. From villages and people that germinate, sprout and bloom under the influence of lush nature.


Eternal love. Infinite love. Love forever. Jewelry with an avant-garde style, unique and unique, looking for an eternal romance with design.

Jeunesse d’Amour

Young Love is expressed through a collection evocative of youth that is ecstatic in contemplating the beauty of a cityscape of thousand colors. 


A walk over the sea. A collection inspired by the impressive spectrum of colors that can be admired on the island of Menorca and the incomparable beauty of the geometries of its crystal clear waters.

The Wave

The movement of the waves, through a contemporary language. Waves wearing engagement rings, earrings and elegant bracelets; pure moving lines look incessantly on bracelets and play to unite in necklaces.


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