Univers Bagués | BAGUÉS Joieria Barcelona
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Barcelona 1917

BAGUÉS jewelry was born in Barcelona in 1917 and, since then, the city's Mediterranean character, its love for design and the beat of its people have forged the brand's identity.


Each BAGUÉS collection, each unique piece, is born from the hands of expert artisans who work the historical techniques of fired enamel, with precious stones, diamonds and 18 carat gold, and the more advanced technology.

Today, more than 100 years later, BAGUÉS continues to be inspired by the architecture, the sea and the language so characteristic of the color of Barcelona to create its collections of high jewelry, whose most precious heritage are the skills required for the making of these exceptional pieces.


Enamel: Heritage and innovation

The BAGUÉS jewel is conceived as a vehicle of artistic expression, away from fashion cycles. A good example of this world-renowned enamel workshop, which refines sophisticated production techniques as exclusive as "plique-à-jour" and "bassetaille".


The BAGUÉS collections are an indisputable reference in the art of fired enameled jewelry thanks to the unique nature of this creative process. More than 100 years later, BAGUÉS continues to perfectpliqué à jour technique: a careful and meticulous process in which translucent enamel is applied in such a way that light passes through it.

The BAGUÉS workshop in Barcelona is unique in the world for its mastery and knowledge of it. This is where jewels are distinguished by their incomparable uniqueness, beauty and quality: jewels of contemporary art are now on display in the most prestigious shop windows.

The color of theMediterranean

The BAGUÉS collections are based on emotions, on what makes us ourselves. A source of inspiration that we found in the sound of music, bathed in the light of a sunset, to the beat of the waves of the sea…


BAGUÉS is much more than a jewelry brand. Its craftsmen are the alchemists of color, who in their eternal romance with design, have embraced geometric interpretations, intense colors and a passion for jewelry.


The BAGUÉS collections are designed in the light of the trends of the jewelry world. They are icons of a style based on the color, creativity, passion, shapes and textures of the Mediterranean environment.

Uniqueness, design and excellence

BAGUÉS is a brand recognized as a symbol of contemporary status, a style icon. Its 100 years of history with successful collections combined with the continuous strengthening of its values has given rise to a very unique style: color, creativity, passion, the Mediterranean, excellence… The careful quality in design and manufacturing gives the brand its authority in trendy jewelry.


A fundamental and essential part of the firm is its design, which gives a high degree of desirability to their collections as they are created in the light of trends in the world of jewelry, looking to create a contemporary language through the masterful use of color in jewelry. Tones inspired by "what surrounds us" and sensual silhouettes absolutely avant-garde.

They are jewelry for women who love beautiful things. Lovers of color, wear fashion and jewelry with content, culturally sophisticated. Women who give importance to details, to jewelry as an expression of their own personality. They follow the tendencies to reinterpret them with their own criteria.


BAGUÉS designs glamorous, bright and cheerful pieces for a woman ready to shine day and night, who wears jewelry with a strong feminine and sensual component.


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